Wild Game Processing

We are no longer accepting any wild game of any kind until January of 2024. Please freeze your trim until that time, we don’t have the freezer space to keep it here for you. 




– All sausages will have pork added. Typically this is anywhere from 20%-40% depending on the item.

We are open to custom orders after January 1st; however we reserve the right to say no to any custom request, regardless if we have said yes before.

– Sausages are returned in bulk bags. If you would like products vac packed, please specify when dropping off trim.

– 99¢ per lb charge for vacuum sealing

– We WILL NOT accept any of the following:
  – Pre-ground meat
  – Meat in scented garbage bags
  – Any spoiled or overly hairy meat

– Meat is made in shared batches. You may only get a portion of your own meat back. All meat is inspected and cleaned before processing into sausage, hamburger, and jerky.

– If you prefer your own meat back, we require a minimum of 25lbs per item instead of 10lbs.


Sausage Selection and Pricing

10 lb minimum per item.

Slim Johns

Slim Johns (Original Sticks) – $4.29#
Jalapeno Sticks – $4.29#
Beer Sticks – $4.69#
Cheddar Sticks – $4.69#
Pepperjack Sticks – $4.69#

Summer Sausage

Summer Sausage w/garlic – $3.99#
Jalapeno Summer Sausage – $3.99#
Pepperjack Summer Sausage – $4.39#

Hamburger & Bulks

Grinding – $0.99#
Grinding & Wrapping – $1.49#
Pork Fat Added – $2.69#
Bulk Fry Sausage – $2.49#
Italian Bulk Fry Sausage –  $2.49#

Smoked Bratwurst

Cheddar Bratwurst – $3.89#
Smoked Bratwurst – $3.49#
Jalapeno Bratwurst – $3.49#
Pepperjack Bratwurst – $3.89#
Wieners * – $4.29#
Bologna * – $3.69#
* Available only after January 1st


(String Style – Raw Weight – Whole Muscle) – $4.99#


Price for vac packing is $.99 per lb